About Sportfeedback

The Sportfeedback mission

Sportfeedback is a Swedish company offering sport psychology and neurofeedback training to individuals who want to improve their health and performance.


Sportfeedback is specialized in providing neurofeedback and sports psychology service. The working method is based on scientific models and proven work processes.

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Our working areas

Sportfeedback works both in and outside sports, helping individuals strengthen: focus, emotional governance, impulse control, social skills and regulating fear. We have, for example, cooperation with athletes, musicians, students, retirees and other people who want to be strengthened in their professional role. We believe in high quality training. A student who wants to pass the studies or a worker who wants to strengthen his cognitive skills can both win great benefits of neurobackback and sport psychology training. We constantly adapt the training to the clients and his or hers experiences.

Arne Edvardsson

Sportfeedback was created by and is run by me (Arne Edvardsson). My goal with the company is to create a training opportunity for individuals who want to train neurofeedback and participate in sport psychology service in a safe environment. Here you can contact me and read about my background in neurofeedback and sports psychology.


The company was founded in 2009. Originally, the company focus was mainly on sport psychological lectures and sports psychology service. Today, the focus is more on neurofeedback collaboration with clients from widely different areas of society. These partnerships are based primarily on a good relationship and where we work to train the brain to become more flexible and manage stress better in the long term.

Sportfeedback training facility

Sportfeedback works with the best equipment on the market which is also used by leading universities and sports organizations around the world. By using technology it is possible to make sport psychology training more concrete and user friendly for clients.

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