Arne Edvardsson gives lectures:

Sportfeedback has a unique knowledge of sports psychology and neurofeedback. I (Arne Edvardsson), who runs the company, have for several years worked as a teacher at Halmstad University, I have been giving lecutres to different sport teams and I have been doing  both national and international conference presentation. My specialty is to customize the lectures for a specific group based on an  mindfulness and neurofeedback appraoch. I have received much praise for my way of making the lectures esthetically appealing and educationally designed. I have also been invited to Japan give a lecture in for the Japanese Table Tennis Association.

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Arne Edvardsson giving a lecture at the nordic sport science conferece
Arne Edvardsson giving a lecture at the Nordic Sport Science Conferece at Halmstad University, 2017