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Arne Edvardsson- Sport psychology practitioner
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As a sport psychology practitioner Arne has worked with athletes from youth to world elite. Arne’s approach is to adopt a humble attitude and constantly learn from the clients he is working with. Since spring 2017, Arne has been elected to the Swedish Sports Psychological Association (SIPF) Board. Arne teaches part-time as a teacher in sports psychology at Halmstad University. He has previously taken a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology at Halmstad University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Gothenburg. He has published a scientific article on using biofeedback to prevent sports injuries in the journal: “Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM)”. In addition, Arne has made several presentations at national and international conferences on themes around sports psychology and neurofeedback.


Since 2013 he has worked with neurofeedback and received clients from several different backgrounds. The client he trained most of all is himself. His work has been documented carefully and part of this work was published on July 14, 2017 at “The International Society of Sports Psychology” (ISSP) World Congress in Seville as a poster titled: “Changing My Messy Brain: An Autoethnographic Tale of Neurofeedback for Sport and Health”. Arne has read a large amount of literature around neurofeedback and has regular tutoring sessions with his neurofeedback supervisor John Anderson from the United States. The clients Arne have worked with have been from widely different areas of society, for example, clients who want to get better focus or better regulate their emotional system. Arne has studied different in-depth courses in neuropsychology at the University of Gothenburg in addition to his MSc in Psychology. He has, amongst other things, made a literature review of the randomized and controlled neuro-recovery interventions made on individuals with concentration difficulties. In 2018 Arne was invited to give a Neurofeedback mindfulness presentation at a table tennis conference in Tokyo, Japan