Sportfeedback lab

OUR NEUROFEEDBACK SYSTEMSportfeedback lab biofeedback and  neurofeedback traning to improve performace

Sportfeedback uses a neurofeedback system called nexus 10. NASA and a several different top universities around the world are some examples of other users. The equipment makes it possible to measure the brain’s electrical activity (EEG) as well as other signals from the body such as muscle strain, heart rate, temperature, respiratory pattern and so on. Here is a youtub clip that shows how nexus 10 can be used to improve concentrations in individuals with concentration difficulties:

Neurofeedback training facilty

Sportfeedback has it´s base in a bright apartment in Kungsladugård, Gothenbrug.The surrounding environment is calm and safe not far from “Slottsskogsvallen”. The training room is close to trams and it is easy to park in the area. Welcome!



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